In an effort to cut down on some of the more oft-repeated questions I get, I present to you now for your viewing pleasure(?), my "Frequently Asked Questions" section:

Q: Tabe, which comps are your comps?

A: So far, I've done fourteen. They are:

You can see also see my comps listed here.

Q: Tabe, what the heck do "clipped" and "JIP" mean?

A: They are terms used to indicate that a particular match isn't complete. A match that's "clipped" has a chunk of it cut out of the middle. A match that's "JIP" or Joined In Progress is a match that doesn't start at the beginning but is not cut at all once the action starts. Unless otherwise indicated on my site by one of these terms, EVERY match on my site is complete. If you're at all unsure, ask!

Q: Tabe, why are some matches in blue and others in RED?

A: Matches in blue are title changes. Matches in red and capitalized are matches I myself rate as being **** or higher. I don't rely on Meltzer or anybody else for my ratings, they're all my own.

Q: Tabe, do you have [insert name of tape not on my site here]?

A: Quite possibly I do. At any given time, I have well over 500 DVDs not yet cataloged but sitting in my home. Unlike some guys, I don't put a tape on my site until it's been fully watched and cataloged. While this means I can give you full info on just about every tape, it also means I always have unwatched tapes lying around. Take a look here to get a good idea of what I have not yet cataloged.

Q: Tabe, do you have match listings for your unsorted tapes?

A: There's a reason they're called "unsorted" :) Since they're unsorted, that means I haven't watched them yet. So, no, I don't have match listings for them yet.

Q: Tabe, what about your VQ ratings?

A: The VQ I list on my tapes is the quality of MY copy. I use the following grades:

PR - Unwatchable; only on comps will you see PR footage on my site and rarely then
FR - Watchable, but crappy
GD - Watchable, nothing too painful.  Generally, stuff that's GD is just old.
VG - Easy to watch, no major problems with the tape
EX - Great quality, easy to watch, no flaws

Q: Tabe, what the heck does your collection look like?

A: I've got my tapes stored in a pair of bookcases in my basement. Here and here are a couple of outdated pictures of them. Each shelf on each bookcase has two full rows of tapes on it. In addition to what's pictured, I have 2 large boxes and a rubbermaid tub full of tapes, all waiting to be cataloged. Also, unfortunately, I no longer own the NWA belt :(

Q: Tabe, I still have questions!

A: Then send me an e-mail!