TAPE 9999

Quality: Varies

Length: Varies

SINGLE MATCHES (Over the years, I've acquired random single matches that are spread all over and need to be cataloged. So I'm gathering them here, all in one place.
Roddy Piper agrees to match with Jack Brisco, 7/7/82 (Piper has stolen Brisco's Mid-Atlantic belt and tells Brisco he has to beat him to get it back. Piper demands $10,000 before he'll wrestle too. Brisco's friends gather the money and David Crockett tells Piper it's all there. Only HE'S LYING - way to give your announcers credibility, guys! The $10k eventually is found, so we get...) Roddy Piper vs Jack Brisco, 7/7/82 (Piper wins Mid-Atlantic title in a terrific match) Ric Flair vs Harley Race, Charlotte, 7/9/83 (More of that quality JCP camerawork as they show the crowd tons in this one.) Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood, Charlotte, 7/9/83