Quality: EX (1st gen convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

WCW TV COMP 1992/93 (Fabulous compilation put together for me by my good friend Drakkhim. Just about all great stuff here, all in fabulous quality. Everything is pulled from TV masters, so VQ is EX, 1st gen. Get this!)
Greg Valentine/Dustin Rhodes confrontation Greg Valentine & Dick Slater vs Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham (Great match! Supposed to be a 6-man, but Dustin is "too injured" from the above confrontation to participate, so it becomes a regular tag match. Four vets who can really work put on a terrific match. Barbarian & Dustin run in and it becomes a 6-man anyway.) Vader vs Mike Thor & Sonny Trout, 7/92 Rick Rude vs Nikita Koloff (JIP - Really good match; afterward, Nikita attacks Rude in the locker room and gets pounded) Steve Williams vs Jimmy Garvin (I dunno, Jimmy Garvin just screams "Fast Forward The Tape" to me) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Mike Thor & Danny Deese (Williams & Gordy run in afterward) Steve Austin vs Ricky Steamboat (***1/2 - you expected a crappy match?) Rick Rude vs Nikita Koloff, 8/2/92 (Clip - Jake Roberts runs in and attacks Sting to make his WCW debut) Vader vs Ron Simmons, 8/2/92 (Clip - Simmons wins the WCW World title. The full angle of him being selected as the challenger, etc, is shown) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton vs Brian Pillman & Larry Zbyszko (***1/2 - excellent match where the infamous "top rope rule" is waived. Larry Zbyszko cleanly submits and, in something you just NEVER see, the match ends during a commercial break!) Chris Benoit vs Tom Zenk (Fun to see Benoit in his first WCW run and he wins!) Too Cold Scorpio Video (Hoooo boy is this WrestleCrap material) Sting at the White Castle of Fear (I'd never seen this before, but had heard about it. This vignette is infamous for being so putridly awful and stupid - and it lives up to that hype. Just terrible, terrible, terrible. A total must-see!) WCW Up Close: Gordon Solie Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs Vader & Barry Windham (Sting gets whipped with a strap afterward) Steve Regal vs Bob Cook (Regal's WCW debut - he's a face!) Arn Anderson attacking Erik Watts in a parking lot (Watts turns the table and breaks Arn's leg) Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies invade WCW (Famous angle where Cornette & his team come in from SMW and rip on WCW. This is the edited version - the unedited version only aired on SMW TV - but still all kinds of fun. Eventually leads to...) ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS VS HEAVENLY BODIES (Great match!) Sting vs Barry Windham