Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

BEST OF STARRCADE 1983-1987 (Quite possibly the best VHS comm. set ever released. In 1988 when this came out, it was a revelation - full matches from Starrcades 1983 & 84?!?!? I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX)
Greg Valentine vs Roddy Piper, 11/24/83 (Dog Collar Match) Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs Jack & Jerry Brisco, 11/24/83 (One of my favorite tag matches ever because of the finish - a gradual build that finally sees the Briscos succumb rather than some huge finisher/spot to end it. Steamboat & Youngblood win NWA tag titles) RIC FLAIR vs HARLEY RACE, 11/24/83 (Cage - Flair wins NWA title) TULLY BLANCHARD VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 11/22/84 (Great match) Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair, 11/22/84 ($1,000,000 Challenge match) MAGNUM TA VS TULLY BLANCHARD, 11/28/85 ("I quit" cage match - often called the best Starrcade match of all-time. Dunno if it's that good but they sure do a great job of portraying their hatred for each other) Rock & Roll Express vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff, 11/28/85 (Cage - RnR win NWA Tag Title; this match has minor audio problem throughout match, but not affecting match or commentary) Midnight Express vs Road Warriors, 11/27/86 (Scaffold match - I hate scaffold matches - the matches suck and guys get hurt bad, like Jim Cornette in this one) Rock & Roll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson, 11/27/86 (Cage) Dusty Rhodes vs Lex Luger, 11/26/87 (Cage - Dusty wins U.S. title; slight jump in video before match - does not have an effect on match itself) RIC FLAIR vs RONNIE GARVIN, 11/26/87 (Cage - Flair wins NWA World title; some of the best wrestling audio EVER here - the ring is mic'ed very well so you get to HEAR Flair & Garvin beating the crap out of each other) Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair, 11/28/86 (Dusty is THE MAN, dontcha know, so he's gotta go on last even it's out-of-order chronologically)