Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

SPRING STAMPEDE '94 - 4/17/94 (Commercial tape version - Great show that's often called the best WCW PPV of all-time. Tons of action. This is one of the shows that got me back into wrestling after several years away from it. Saw this in a store for $10 in 1995 and picked it up. I've been re-hooked ever since. I've got a VHS master convert so VQ is EX.)
Johnny B. Badd vs Diamond Dallas Page (good match) Brian Pillman vs Lord Steve Regal CACTUS JACK & MAXX PAYNE VS NASTY BOYS (Falls Count Anywhere - wild, vicious match that sees Cactus Jack get pinned after a nasty shot with a metal shovel) Steve Austin vs Great Muta Sting vs Rick Rude (Sting wins WCW Int'l World title) Dustin Rhodes vs Bunkhouse Buck (Bunkhouse match - heavy juice from Rhodes) Vader vs The Boss (Big Bubba Rogers) RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT (Double pin at end of match that results in the WCW title being held up. A step below their best matches, this one is still great.)