Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 6.7 hrs (4 DVD)

K-1/DREAM DYNAMITE 2010 - 12/31/10 (The annual MMA super-fest in Japan. No Sengoku participation this year as they were in the process of folding. GREAT show. Bob Sapp was originally scheduled to fight but he dropped out right before the show so they bury him on commentary to start things. I've got a master of the HDNet version, VQ is EX.)
Andy Ologun vs Katsuaki Furuki (Furuki is a former Japan major league baseball player; this is his MMA debut and he looks really good) Kazayuki Miyata vs Caol Uno Kazuhisa Watanabe vs Hideo Tokoro Hiroshi Izumi vs Ikuhisa Minowa Sergei Kharitonov vs Tatsuya Mizuno Gegard Mousasi vs Kyotaro (K-1 Rules - Kyotaro is the K-1 Heavyweight Champ here and he gets beat up pretty good. In his defense, he'd just fought 2 weeks prior.) Shinya Aoki vs Yuichiro Nagashima (Split K-1/MMA Rules - The commentators put a bet on this one with Frank Trigg having to don a pink wig and lipstick if Aoki loses. Aoki spends the first round screwing around to kill time and get into the MMA rules. It works and they go to the second round. Nagashima then CRUSHES him in the first 20 seconds of the MMA round. Take that, Shinya!) Alistair Overeem vs Todd Duffee (Overeem wins Dream Interim Heavyweight title) Satoshi Ishii vs Jerome Le Banner Kazushi Sakuraba vs Marius Zaromskis (They stop the fight when Sakuraba's cauliflower ear basically gets torn off. It's nasty.) Akiyo Nishiura vs Tetsuya Yamato (K-1 Rules) Hayato Sakurai vs Jason High Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Josh Thompson Bibiano Fernandes vs Hiroyuki Takaya (Takaya wins Dream Featherweight title)