Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.7 hrs (DVD)

RINGS BEST BOUTS '92 VOL 1 (Fantastic tape that looks back on the first 7 RINGS shows of 1992. All kinds of terrific action here, with every match complete except a couple. I've got a VHS master convert, so VQ is perfect.)
Willie Peeters vs Bert Kops Jr, 1/25/92 (All kinds of fun stuff in this one - Kops tires of Peeters running for ropes every time he gets taken down, so on one occasion when Peeters does this, Kops winds up and *DRILLS* Peeters in the ribs with a punch that makes Peeters CRY OUT LIKE A GIRL. It's hilarious! Later in the match, Peeters hits a piledriver that surprises even him! He gets this shit-eating smirk on his face that's just priceless!) Akira Maeda vs Dick Vrij, 1/25/92 Sanae Kakuta vs Rudy Ewoldt, 3/5/92 Akira Maeda vs Buzariashvili Ramazi, 3/5/92 (Good match) Some outdoor sambo/judo clips (weird to see guys wrestling in a field) Mitsuya Nagai vs Willy Williams, 4/3/92 Masaaki Satake vs Herman Renting, 4/3/92 VOLK HAN VS AKIRA MAEDA, 4/3/92 (Terrific match. Han is awesome, but that's not news!) Photos of Volk Han from the military (One looks a pic of Han & Igor Vovchanchyn!) Volk Han training Army recruits (in camoflauge gis!) Peter Aerts vs Adam Watt, 5/16/92 (Kickboxing - 1st rd not shown) Masaaki Satake vs Bert Kops Jr, 5/16/92 Yoshinori Nishi vs Peter Dykman, 6/25/92 Mitsuya Nagai vs Sanae Kakuta, 6/25/92 (JIP) Volk Han sambo demonstration with Andre Kopylev (very cool) Volk Han vs Andre Kopylev, 7/16/92 (Good match - ***1/2 - Han taps!) Akira Maeda vs Willy Williams, 7/16/92 Volk Han vs Dick Vrij, 8/21/92 (Good match in front of a molten crowd, great stuff) Akira Maeda vs Andre Kopylev, 8/21/92 (Another good match in front of the same great crowd)