Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

RINGS "BATTLE DIMENSION '93" - 4/24/93 (Another solid tape from Maeda's RINGS group. The main event is a keeper and the opener is a good one until the injury too. I've got a master convert, so quality is perfect.)
Ringing of the bell for Tom Van Maurik Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Masayuki Naruse (Match ends early when Yamamoto falls awkwardly on his arm and appears to break/hyperextend it. Nasty!) Grom Zaza vs Buzariashvili Ramazi (Gotta love those Eastern European names!) Sergei Sousserov vs Todor Todorov Dick Vrij vs Peter Oele Bart Vale vs Hans Nyman VOLK HAN VS MITSUYA NAGAI (Basically a Volk Han submission exhibition. Just beautiful work. Han is just awesome.)