Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3.25 hrs (DVD)

NEW JAPAN VS UWFI TOKYO DOME "BATTLE FORMATION '96" - 4/29/96 (The last of the three Tokyo Dome inter-promotional shows headlined by Nobuhiko Takada, this is a FANTASTIC show! Several good matches on here, plus the famously brutal Tenryu and Muta matches. Best of all, after literally years of searching, I've gotten masters of the two tape set! Quality is basically perfect, except for some occasional lines through the picture on part 1 during the opening video. These go away completely BEFORE any matches or match intros start, so you lose nothing.)
Shinjiro Ohtani & Koji Kanemoto vs Yuji Nagata & Tokimitsu Ishizawa (good stuff) Randy Savage vs Hiroyoshi Tenzan Lex Luger vs Masa Chono (After the match, Luger seems kinda pissed at the finish, almost like he was double-crossed or something) Genichiro Tenryu vs Tatsumi Fujinami (*SUPER* stiff and bloody match that sees Tenryu intentionally bust Fujinami's nose early on, accompanied by the resulting gusher. Good match, too, but a little slow.) Great Muta vs Hakushi (Famous match! *SUPER* bloody. Hakushi hits a gusher and bleeds all over the place. At one point, Muta uses Hakushi's blood to write on his board!) Shiro Koshinaka, Akitoshi Saito (?), Michiyoshi Ohara, & Akira Nogami vs Riki Choshu, Satoshi Kojima, Takashi Iizuka, & Osamu Nishimura JUSHIN LIGER VS GREAT SASUKE (Dream match that lives up to its hype! Sasuke wins the IWGP jr title) Road Warriors & Power Warrior vs Rick & Scott Steiner & Scott Norton (WAAAY better than I expected with these 6 no-selling guys. Lots of good power moves shown off) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS SHINYA HASHIMOTO (Terrific match, much better than Takada's matches with Mutoh, as Hashimoto is willing to take punishment and works hard. Hashimoto wins the IWGP title)