Quality: VG

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

UWFI SHOOTWRESTLING PPV I - 10/5/93 (This is a US PPV designed to introduce fans to UWFI. The matches are from 10/4/93 and this is one fantastic show. The commentary is in ENGLISH, which makes this a terrific way to begin with UWFI. The only negative is one commentator who insists on calling the matches like a baseball game, constantly announcing the score which, as his partner says, basically doesn't matter in UWFI. Quality is VG, real nice.)
Tatsuo Nakano vs Yoji Anjoh Masahito Kakihara vs Dennis Koslowski (GOOD match - *** or ***1/2) Tommy Cairo vs Hiromitsu Kanehara Yuko Miyato vs Kiyoshi Tamura (***1/2) Greg Bobchuk vs Gene Lydick Bad News Allen vs Kazuo Yamazaki Gary Albright & Dan Severn vs Salman Hashimikov & Vladimir Berkovich (Lots of legit heat here that gets added to when Severn taps out but the submission hold isn't released right away. Albright nearly starts a fight afterward.) Billy Scott vs Nobuhiko Takada (***1/2 - Takada allows the much smaller Scott to look real good here, carrying him to a wonderful match. Great stuff.)