Quality: VG

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

UWFI SHOOTWRESTLING PPV II - 10/16/94 (Similar to the first PPV, this is another GREAT show, again complete with English commentary. The matches are from 4/3/94 and cover the opening round of UWFI's tournament that ran for four months in 1994. Quality is VG.)
Yoshihiro Takayama vs Yuko Miyato Gene Lydick vs Vladimir Berkovich (Lydick gives a great jingoistic promo before the match) HIROMITSU KANEHARA VS TATSUO NAKANO (Great match!) Bad News Allen vs Kiyoshi Tamura Yuko Miyato vs Dennis Koslowski, 8/13/93 Dan Severn vs Masahito Kakihara Yoji Anjoh vs Victor Zangiev Billy Scott vs Gary Albright (Albright just kills Scott with his suplexes) Kazuo Yamazaki vs Nobuhiko Takada (I just don't understand the logic of jobbing out Yamazaki in the first round of the tournament. The guy was over HUGE with UWFI's fans, yet they constantly jobbed him out. Stupid, stupid, stupid.)