Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.2 hrs (DVD)

COMPLETE WWF CARD FROM MSG - 12/17/79 (This is the 24/7 version of the card. All the matches are here and are complete. This is some very historic footage, featuring 7 title bouts on one card, including an EXTREMELY rare NWA title defense at the Garden by Harley Race, AND the MSG debut of Hulk Hogan! I've got a master, so VQ is EX)
Bulldog Brower vs Larry Zbyszko Seiji Sakaguchi & Riki Choshu vs Bad News Allen Coage & JoJo Andrews (for the "Japanese" tag title) Johnny Rodz vs Mike Graham Hulk Hogan vs Ted Dibiase (Hogan's MSG debut) Bob Backlund vs Bobby Duncum (WWF Title - Texas Death) Antonio Inoki vs The Great Hossien Arab (Arab is Iron Sheik - this is for the NWF title; Sheik even hits a dropkick!) Harley Race vs Dusty Rhodes (NWA TITLE DEFENSE AT MSG!) Pat Patterson vs Domenic Denucci (I-C title) Tatsumi Fujinami vs Johnny Rivera (WWF Jr. Title) Ivan Putski & Tito Santana vs Swede Hanson & Victor Rivera (WWF Tag Title)