Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 88 min (DVD)

UWFI - 2/15/92 (Solid show from the semi-early days of UWFI, the highlight of this one - for me, anyway - is the appearance by Pistol Pez! I've got a 1st gen convert, so quality is EX.)
Masakazu Maeda vs Hiromitsu Kanehara (Good match) JT Southern vs Masahito Kakihara Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Mark Silver Pistol Pez Whatley vs Yoji Anjoh (Pisol Pez! Pez looks to be about 280 or 290 here, but can still move and actually looks halfway decent here, he just doesn't know any submissions. Oh well, it's fun for me - a guy who's first wrestling experiences included Pistol Pez on WTBS - to see him again.) Nobuhiko Takada & Kazuo Yamazaki vs Gary Albright & Tom Burton