Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS 1994 TOURNAMENT 1ST ROUND - 9/21/94 (Opening round of the 1994 "Mega Battle" tournament for RINGS. Good tape with some very solid action. The emphasis here is more on realism than action, so no **** classics here. Still, good stuff. I've got a master convert, so quality is perfect.)
Pieter Oele vs Aldinov Roussinov Willie Peeters vs Ilioukhine Mikhail Mitsuya Nagai vs Bitsadze Ameran Hans Nyman vs Masayuki Naruse Dimitri Petokov vs Tony Halme Andrei Kopylov vs Grom Zaza Akira Maeda vs Dick Vrij (Maeda suffers one of his rare defeats; It's possible this is a legit KO as Vrij drills Maeda in the side - on what are purportedly already-injured ribs - and then blasts him with a knee to the forehead, knocking Maeda down and out of the ring. If it's not legit, it's awfully close!)