Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2.4 hrs (DVD)

UWFI "WORLD PRO TOURNAMENT" - 5/6/94 (I just KNEW this would be a great tape before I watched it and I was right! There's no **** classic or anything like that on here but the action is solid from top-to-bottom. I've got a 1st gen convert, EX quality!)
Makoto Oe vs ??? (kickboxing - Oe wins a bad decision and tries to refuse his ISKA title afterward!) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Tom Burton (Sakuraba takes some awesome suplexes, including one where he's flung headfirst that is just SICK.) Dan Severn & Billy Scott vs Hiromitsu Kanehara & Yoshihiro Takayama (Kanehara DRILLS Scott a couple times with kicks, legit KO'ing him it appears.) Yuko Miyato vs Victor Zangiev Kazuo Yamazaki vs Tatsuo Nakano Kiyoshi Tamura vs Naoki Sano (Terrific match - ***1/2 at least!) Gary Albright vs Yoji Anjoh (Anjoh gets hit with an AWESOME Full-Nelson Suplex) Nobuhiko Takada vs Gene Lydick Vader vs Masahito Kakihara (Kakihara gets the crap kicked out him, then takes a NASTY face-first bump on a suplex, and ends up getting stretchered out. Vader looks legit concerned for him.