Quality: EX (See below)

Length: 8 hrs (4 DVD)

TABE RSPW COMPILATION #1 (The remastered and expanded version of my very first compilation! When I put this compilation together, I tried to put a little bit of everything that I love about pro wrestling on this tape. It's all here - angles, title changes, historic moments, incredible scientific wrestling, brutal bloodbaths, the superstars, everything. In the more-than-ten years since I first made this compilation, my tastes have changed. To reflect that, I've included a 4th disc featuring even more great action! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed picking the matches to go on it and putting it together. Everything on here is from a DVD master or converted from a VHS master, with one exception, so quality is EX)
Hulk Hogan vs Iron Sheik, MSG, 1/23/84 (Hogan wins WWF title - I went with the original MSG broadcast of this show, so the quality isn't quite the same level as what you'd see if I had used the version from Hogan's DVD sets. However, I felt like the original introductions with "Eye of the Tiger" intact far outweighed the slight drop in VQ.) EDDY GUERRERO VS DEAN MALENKO, ECW, 4/15/95 (***** - one of the greatest matches of all-time though they shaved time off the 30-minute draw for some reason.) Iron Sheik vs Sgt. Slaughter, WWF TV, 2/25/84 Iron Sheik vs Eddie Gilbert, WWF TV, 3/3/84 (Slaughter saves Gilbert from a post-match attack, then leads the crown in doing the Pledge of Allegiance) IRON SHEIK VS SGT. SLAUGHTER, MSG, 6/16/84 (Boot Camp - my favorite match of all-time, also voted the #1 WWF match of the 1980s by the readers of DVDVR. Great, great bloodbath. I've got a special version mixed by Cactusbix combining footage from two sources for the best-possible quality.) KERRY VON ERICH VS JERRY LAWLER, AWA/WCCW, 12/13/88 (Lawler unifies AWA & WCCW world titles in a historic bloodbath. Look for Kerry to absent-mindedly blade his own arm prior to the match...) CACTUS JACK & MAXX PAYNE VS NASTY BOYS, WCW, 4/17/94 (Falls Count Anywhere - great match) Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk, IWA, 8/20/95 (Barbed Wire Explosion Board - Finals of the IWA King of the Death Match tournament. To show how much my tastes have changed, I had to go out and re-acquire this match, and the other two death matches on here, as I simply don't watch those kind of matches anymore. Still, this is a famous bloodbath that everyone should see) Ian Rotten vs Axl Rotten, ECW, 7/1/95 (Taipei Glass Death Match - crazy, violent match) MIDNIGHT EXPRESS VS ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS, NWA, 2/2/86 (Midnights win NWA tag title) MIDNIGHT EXPRESS VS FANTASTICS, NWA, 3/27/88 (Wild, violent brawl from the first Clash. Quite possibly the best sub-10 minute match of all-time.) Freebirds vs Ron Shaw, Butcher Vachon, & Pete Doherty, MSG, 8/25/84 (Freebirds only MSG appearance) Ted Dibiase & Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow, WWF, 2/6/88 (Having been given the WWF title the night before on live network TV, Dibiase is introduced as WWF champ here. This match is VG quality but super-historic so included here.) RIC FLAIR VS HARLEY RACE, NWA, 11/24/83 (Cage - Flair wins NWA title) WILD PEGASUS VS GREAT SASUKE, New Japan, 4/16/94 (Finals of Super J Cup - THIS is the Chris Benoit I will choose to remember) RIC FLAIR VS LEX LUGER, NWA, 7/10/88 ("Baltimore Blood" match - say what you want about Flexy Lexy, but he had several really, really good matches in this time period. Sure, he was working with Flair & Steamboat, etc, but he really showed up in them.) TULLY BLANCHARD VS TERRY FUNK, WCW, Slamboree '94 (Legends Match - Great brawl with "ECW! ECW!" chants all over the place. All kinds of fun.) Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel, NWA, 3/23/85 (Cage - Magnum wins U.S. title and the mega-push is on!) Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk, IWA, 1/8/95 (No Rope Barbed Wire - another wild death match from these two) BOB BACKLUND VS GREG VALENTINE, MSG, 4/23/84 (Probably Bob's best WWF match after his title loss. Just a terrific old-school match with both guys working over body parts and doing it well. Terrific match.) KAZUSHI SAKURABA & MASAHITO KAKIHARA VS GENE LYDICK & STEVE NELSON, UWFI, 6/10/94 (Quite possibly the best match in the history of UWFI. There's legit heat between the teams here as Kakihara, as Gene Lydick told me, "didn't always understand it was a work" and would indiscriminately hit people with strikes. Sakuraba takes an incredible over-head DDT here.) AKIRA MAEDA VS YOSHIHISA YAMAMOTO, RINGS, 7/20/98 (Awesome slugfest from the heyday of RINGS. Both guys just swing for the fences and pound each other. Great match.) RIC FLAIR VS TED DIBIASE, MID-SOUTH, 10/85 (This is the famous angle where Dick Murdoch attacks Dibiase before an NWA title shot, busting him open and then hitting him with a brainbuster on the concrete floor. Dibiase is incredibly bloody so he's given time to recover, then comes back for the match. Great angle and match, one of the most-famous angles of all-time.) RIC FLAIR VS RICK MARTEL, ALL JAPAN, 10/21/85 (NWA vs AWA titles! I remember reading about this match as a kid and being terribly disappointed I would never get to see it. Title vs title! When I first got online access in 1995 and came across RSPW, my eyes were opened to the world of tape trading. And the very first match I went after? THIS ONE - and I got it with my very acquisition ever. Oh yeah, it's a great match, too.) KENTA KOBASHI VS STEVE WILLIAMS, ALL JAPAN, 8/31/93 (This is a very polarizing match - some hate the finish, that sees Williams crush Kobashi with a pair of Backdrop Drivers. Others, like myself, love it. This is easily one of the greatest matches I've ever seen, ***** for sure.)