Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

KINGDOM BIRTH STEP 3 - 7/29/97 (Good show from Kingdom that ends up being a sort-of hit-and-miss affair on a couple matches. They mix in some legit shoots with the predictably unpredictable results that then follow. I've got a master convert, so VQ is perfect.)
Nobuhiko Takada kickboxing workout (He's in training for his Rickson Gracie fight at the first Pride show.) Daijiro Matsui vs Brian Smith (This one looks to be a legit shoot) Masahito Kakihara vs Kenichi Yamamoto (I sure hope this one, which ends in a KO after just 18 seconds, is a legit shoot. I'd think it was, but Kakihara's reaction at the end seems a tad fishy.) Naoki Sano vs Yoshihiro Takayama (Definitely a work and a good one) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Orlando Witt (This one looks like a legit shoot too) Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Nicholas Starks Yoji Anjoh vs Paul Varelans