Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 1/19/85 (Another complete episode of this rare show. Quality is VG/EX.)
Dusty Rhodes Challenging Tully Blanchard to $10,000 Match (Has 10,000 Silver Dollars w/him) Manny Fernandez vs Doug Vines Black Bart Destroying Buzz Tyler's t-shirt, MACW (Ugh. They build an angle out of Bart tearing up a 50-cent t-shirt) Dick Slater vs Masked Inferno #1 (JJ Dillon & Terry Funk come out during the match and discuss Funk's status as a bounty hunter for Dillon; they then head to the ring so Slater tosses Inferno over the top rope, getting DQ'ed, to defend himself when Funk & Dillon attack) Tully Blanchard Meeting his Perfect 10 ("Looks That Kill") Steve Casey & Assassin #1 vs Jeff Sword & Ben Alexander Starship Eagle (Dan Spivey) Taking Superstar Graham's Full-Nelson Challenge (Graham never gets the full-nelson applied but Spivey still can't break it) Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Denny Brown & Tommy Lane Interview w/Terry Funk & JJ Dillon (Funk calls Ricky Steamboat a "steroid freak") Tully Blanchard vs Mike Davis (This is the debut of Baby Doll as Tully's "10")
NWA WORLDWIDE - 1/26/85 (More of the same as above; VQ is VG/EX)
Buzz Tyler vs Doug Vines Magnum TA vs Mike Fever Ron Bass & Black Bart vs Denny Brown & Frank Lang Wahoo McDaniel vs Sam Houston Superstar Graham & Barbarian vs American Starship (Setup by the full-nelson stuff from the last couple weeks, we get this match. Spivey & Hall get in basically no offense in this extended squash.) Mike Davis & Tommy Lane Announce Their Retirement (Out of nowhere, these two jobbers get David Crockett to interview them and Davis announces their retirement. Short and sweet, then they walk off. Pretty sure this is an angle to setup the formation of the Rock & Roll RPMs.) Ivan Koloff vs Lee Ramsey