Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS 1994 TOURNAMENT (Terrific tape that covers the entire 1994 Mega Battle tournament. Amazingly, only the first round matches are clipped, everything else is complete! No **** classics here, but lots of good matches, all of them very high on the stiffness. Great stuff. I've got a master convert, so VQ is perfect.)
Pieter Oele vs Adinov Roussinov, 9/21/94 (clips) Ilioukhine Mikhail vs Willie Peeters, 9/21/94 (clips) Mitsuya Nagai vs Bitsadze Ameran, 9/21/94 (clips) Hans Nyman vs Masayuki Naruse, 9/21/94 (clips) Tony Halme vs Dimitri Petokov, 9/21/94 (clips) Grom Zaza vs Andrei Kopylov, 9/21/94 (clips) Grom Zaza vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto, 10/22/94 (Terrific match - ***1/2!) Willie Williams vs Pieter Oele, 10/22/94 Chris Dolman vs Mitsuya Nagai, 10/22/94 Hans Nyman vs Nikolai Zouev, 10/22/94 Tony Halme vs Bitsadze Tariel, 10/22/94 (I hate matches like this - where one guy totally dominates only to lose the match when he's within one knockdown of winning. It makes the fact that it's a work just seem so OBVIOUS. Especially when the finishing KO is a weak one. Funny moment when Tariel knocks down Halme: He punches Halme in the kidneys, prompting a very loud "Hey, what the fuck?" from Halme.) Dick Vrij vs Ilioukhine Mikhail, 10/22/94 Dick Vrij vs Hans Nyman, 11/19/94 (I wonder if Vrij losing this early in the tourney - in the quarterfinals - is a payback of sorts for his KO'ing Maeda on 9/21/94?) Chris Dolman vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto, 11/19/94 Willie Williams vs Volk Han, 11/19/94 Tony Halme vs Akira Maeda, 11/19/94 Hans Nyman vs Volk Han, 12/16/94 Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Akira Maeda, 12/16/94 (Great match! Give Maeda some credit for this one - he lays a terrific beating on Yamamoto, but man does he take one in return! These guys just wail on each other! ***1/2, almost ****) Hans Nyman vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto, 1/25/95 (3rd place match - take everything I said about Maeda/Yamamoto and add to it! Nyman just beats the crap out of Yamamoto.) Akira Maeda vs Volk Han, 1/25/95 (Finals - Really good match.)