Quality: EX (Master Convert - See Below)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

WWF CAP CENTRE - 5/19/84 (Rare show from the height of the Slaughter/Sheik feud. Decent show overall with that match, obviously, being the highlight. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX!)
Brian Blair vs Rene Goulet (a 15-min draw? WTF? Blair ends up looking weak, unable to put away a jobber like Goulet) Akira Maeda vs George Steele (Steele gets a big face pop here despite still being a full-on heel. No wonder Maeda hated the US and its wrestlers after dealing with crap like this. AND he submitted. Ugh.) Jesse Ventura vs Chief Jay Strongbow Greg Valentine vs Tony Garea Tiger Chung Lee vs Jose Luis Rivera Sgt. Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (Excellent match from their that has been rarely-seen. This is actually much-better quality than the version on the Sheik/Slaughter feud compilation. Watch for the crazy spot where Sheik just winds up and THROWS a metal chair at the back of Slaughter's head. It hits his back and shoulder - cutting his shoulder - before cracking him in the back of the head and continuing on with its flight. NASTY.) Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff & David Schultz vs Rocky Johnson, Bobo Brazil, & SD Jones Bob Backlund vs Mr. Fuji
WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING - 7/7/84 (Complete episode of this syndicated show. They basically just recap the entire Lauper/Albano angle, which is just fine. Good stuff. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX EXCEPT that there's a line in the middle of the screen :( That line is no longer constant after the first couple segments but it never fully goes away.)
George Steele vs Sal Bellomo, St. Louis, 6/15/84 Piper Promo for upcoming Meadowlands show on 7/15/84 vs Jimmy Snuka (the Piper's Pit with Jimmy Snuka is highlighted here) Ivan Putski vs Tiger Chung Lee Hogan & Andre promo for 7/15/84 Piper's Pit w/Cyndi Lauper (Classic! This is the famous Pit where Albano & Lauper "split". Lauper is awesome here as she's funny and at-ease and does an outstanding job in her role. Great stuff.) Piper at Albano's Hotel Room (Piper shows footage of his visit to Lauper's recording studio where she challenges Lou to get a female wrestler to manage. Albano accepts. Albano is great here as a fat slob, wearing no shirt, spilling his drink on himself, just being totally gross. Lauper is excellent too, calling Lauper a "fat bag of wind", LOL.) Big John Studd vs Steve Lombardi & Billy Travis (Studd throws out a challenge to Andre the Giant, who comes out and confronts him; Studd then walks off) Studd & Murdoch promo for 7/15/84 Lou Albano & Fabulous Moolah accepting Cyndi Lauper's challenge (They're at a seedy bar. Funny stuff.) Cyndi Lauper introducing Wendy Richter as her challenger (Interesting selection as Richter was a heel before this and actually was working a Mid-South Superdome show not long before this angle - as a heel. In just a few short weeks, she'd be one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.)