Quality: EX

Length: 8 hrs (4 DVD)

KENTA KOBASHI: GHC COMPLETE (Four incredible discs covering Kenta Kobashi's entire run as GHC champ from 2003-2005. There's a ton of great stuff here that shows Kobashi is still the greatest wrestler in the world. A MUST-HAVE for the puro fan. Quality is EX throughout, super-nice.)
KENTA KOBASHI VS MITSUHARU MISAWA, 3/1/03 (Kobashi wins the GHC title in this incredible ****1/2 classic. They roll out all the huge spots including the infamous Tiger Suplex from the ramp to the floor. Incredible, incredible match.) Kenta Kobashi vs Tamon Honda, 4/13/03 (JIP - Good match that's better than expected) Kenta Kobashi vs Masa Chono, 5/2/03 (Pretty good match by waaaaay too many head drops with Chono - who has had a broken neck - eating five half-nelson suplexes) Kenta Kobashi vs Bison Smith, 8/26/03 (Clipped) Kenta Kobashi vs Yuji Nagata, 9/12/03 (***1/2 match that goes 30+ minutes) Kenta Kobashi vs Yoshinari Ogawa, 11/1/03 (Clipped - Good match that shows just how versatile Kobashi is. He's in with a guy who isn't a credible challenger yet makes him look good by letting Ogawa do underhanded stuff to gain an advantage. Ends up being fairly bloody but with no head drops!) Kenta Kobashi vs Naoki Sano, 1/25/04 (Clipped - Sano does a foot stomp from the top rope to the floor onto Kobashi's stomach!) Kenta Kobashi vs Takeshi Rikio, 3/6/04 KENTA KOBASHI VS YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA, 4/25/04 (Fabulous ****1/2 match! Takayama looks like a true superstar here. Kobashi scores the win and gets a huge pop by hitting the moonsault.) Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama, 7/10/04 (***1/2 - Kobashi hits the Burning Hammer and a vertical suplex from the apron to the floor) KENTA KOBASHI VS AKIRA TAUE, 9/10/04 (Great match! Taue looks 10 years younger here.) Kenta Kobashi vs Akitoshi Saito, 10/24/04 Kenta Kobashi vs Mike Awesome, 12/4/04 Kenta Kobashi vs Minoru Suzuki, 1/8/05 (Another example of Kobashi making somebody well below him look credible. They actually work a very nice 5-minute headlock segment.) Kenta Kobashi vs Takeshi Rikio, 3/5/05 (***1/2 - Rikio wins the GHC title) Kenta Kobashi & Akira Taue vs Mitsuharu Misawa & Masa Chono, 1/10/03 Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama, 9/23/04 (This is from some kind of elimination match or something. Akiyama takes the match outside the ring, then suckers Kobashi into being counted out.) Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa, 12/24/04 (This is a 10-minute fan-voted "dream match". It's great that they only gave the guys 10 minutes but neither one shows any urgency in trying to FINISH the match in 10 minutes. It's good enough for what it is but could have been so much more - and better.)