Quality: Varies (See below)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 6/22/85 (Another terrific show from the 1985 Worldwide season. Quality on this one is generally EX but there is some sparkle or grain during the picture. Is otherwise very sharp.)
Interview w/Road Warriors (This their return to the NWA; it's never mentioned during this interview that they are AWA World tag champs or that their upcoming match with the Russians is an historic champion vs champion match. Nice work, JCP.) Road Warriors vs Ron Rossi & George South (The AWA belts are finally mentioned here and the Roadies wear them to the ring) Interview w/Maganum TA after attack by Kamala, Mid-South, 6/85 (Jim Ross TWICE calls the attack "unperpetrated". Really Jim? If that were the case, why is Magnum TA holding his ribs in pain?) Child giving Paul Jones a dog collar & chain from Jimmy Valiant, MACW, 6/85 Magnum TA vs David Dillinger Recap of Nikita Koloff clotheslining David Crockett, WWW, 6/15/85 Tully Blanchard & Abdullah the Butcher vs Denny Brown & Pat Tanaka Buddy Landel vs Joel Deaton Interview w/JJ Dillon, Ron Bass & Buddy Landel (Bass & Landel argue) American Starship Eagle (Dan Spivey) vs Lee Ramsey Nikita Koloff vs Sam Houston
NWA WORLDWIDE - 6/29/85 (More great action from this full season of Worldwide. Quality on this one is VG/EX. The only problem here is the focus is a tad soft - otherwise, this would be a very high-grade episode.)
Rock & Roll Express video "Rock & Roll is King" (this is the Worldwide debut for the R&R; incredible they could be so over just 2 weeks later while winning the NWA world tag belts despite so little build-up or air-time. This video is actually from Memphis, even though they are coming from Mid-South...) Ron Bass vs Mark Fleming Interview w/Ric Flair (David Crockett makes his return after being attacked by Nikita Koloff and he also gets announced as the special referee for Flair's defense against Koloff at the Bash. Even as a kid in 1985, I knew this wasn't right - Flair & Crockett had a widely acknowledged friendship and a shared history thanks to their plane crash. Nikita had attacked Crockett. And Crockett is going to be fair? No way. I always hated it when promotions screwed heels like this.) Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khruscheve vs Sam Houston & David Dillinger House Show Promos for 7/13/85 show (I mention this only because it features a promo from the Russians that sees Nikita Koloff wearing an All Japan t-shirt. WTF?) Magnum TA & Manny Fernandez vs Joel Deaton & Lee Ramsey Jimmy Valiant vs Ron Rossi Ron Bass vs Buzz Tyler (Bullrope match - finish only - Buddy Landel's interference backfires on Bass, leading to Landel & JJ Dillon double-teaming him. This is Bass' face turn, which was probably not the best idea ever.) Superstar Graham & Barbarian vs Ricky Reeves & Stoney Burke Tully Blanchard vs Gene Ligon