Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

WCW TV COMP 1993/94 (Another excellent TV compilation put together for me by my good friend Drakkhim. There's some really great stuff here, highlighted by the Flair/Steamboat match. Everything is converted from 1st gens so VQ is EX)
Steve Austin vs Marcus Bagwell (If Bagwell lasts 10 minutes, it counts as a win) Barry Windham & Paul Orndorff vs Dustin Rhodes & Cactus Jack, 2/93 Bill Watts orders Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies to wrestle at Superbrawl 3, 2/93 Terry Taylor vs Steve Regal, 1/1/94 (Excellent match - ***1/2) WCW Amateur Challenge (Hilarious home videos of people doing promos) Steve Austin vs Sting, 1/1/94 Arn Anderson vs Terry Taylor (Good match that sees Taylor hit an exploder!) RIC FLAIR VS RICKY STEAMBOAT, 5/14/94 (FABULOUS match that is easily the best in the history of WCWSN. Flair wins the held-up WCW title in 37 minutes in this ****1/2 match) Interview w/Tully Blanchard re: his match with Terry Funk at Slamboree Ric Flair vs Steve Regal, 5/94 (Marquis of Queensbury match - too short! only 5 min!) Rick Rude vs Sting, 5/94 ("I Quit" match - this is so cheesy and bad. This match is from the infamous Disney Worldwide tapings which featured a large screen that wrestlers appeared on and interacted with. Problem is, it looks like the wrestlers were pre-taped for their segments on the screen, so when they argue back and forth with the screen, it comes across awkwardly. This match ends when Vader appears on the screen and starts hollering at Rude who then leaves the ring, ending the match. This is one of Rude's very last matches ever.)