Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2.75 hrs (2 DVD)

SUPERBRAWL I PPV - 5/19/91 (Hard-to-find PPV version of this roller coaster show. Lots of good stuff here, but lots of crap too. Well worth getting though. I've got a 1st gen, convert so quality is EX.)
Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin vs Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong (Hayes & Garvin win the vacant US Tag titles) Danny Spivey vs Ricky Morton Nikita Koloff vs Tommy Rich Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Taylor Big Josh vs Black Bart (WTF kind of PPV match is this?!) Danger Zone w/Stan Hansen (They use this segment to kill time to setup...) The Debut of Oz (Kevin Nash) (This is so incredibly awful it's hilarious. Nash is "Oz" - a wizard. This debut is very elaborate, with a castle getup and everything. Truly some of the unintentionally funniest stuff you'll ever see.) Oz vs Tim Parker Barry Windham vs Brian Pillman (Taped fist) The Debut of the Diamond Stud (Scott Hall) (Vince McMahon sued WCW infringing on their Razor Ramon character when Scott Hall joined WCW. Funny, except for the accent, Razor Ramon - also Scott Hall, looked and acted exactly like Diamond Stud) Sid Vicious vs El Gigante (Stretcher Match - you know you're in trouble when Sid is the best worker in a match - by a long, long way) Butch Reed vs Ron Simmons (Cage - gotta love those bloodless cage matches) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Sting & Lex Luger (***1/2 - Rare face vs face match) Arn Anderson vs Bobby Eaton (***1/2 - Eaton wins WCW TV title) RIC FLAIR VS TATSUMI FUJINAMI (Flair wins NWA World title, though that goes unmentioned on the show. They only mention the "WCW World title" during the show)