Quality: EX (Compressed DVD)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

LITHUANIA BUSHIDO: THE BEST (Here we have a commercially-released Japanese DVD compilation of the best fights from RINGS Lithuania. These are all legit shoots. This is basically mid-level MMA, definitely not up to Pride or even UFC standards, but pretty good anyway. Worth getting to see Volk Han in a legit shoot and Fedor Emelianenko outside of Pride. I've got a digital copy of the master, so VQ is EX.)
Aronas Juskevicius vs Bazigit Atajev, 10/24/00 (Spectacular spinning kick KO) Mikhail Ilioukhine vs Valeri Golubovski, 10/24/00 Valeri Golubovski vs Iouri Bekichev, 5/12/01 Andrei Kopylov vs Egidijus Valavicius, 5/12/01 Volk Han vs Grom Zaza, 5/12/01 (This is probably a legit shoot, but there's definitely a couple of things that look "fishy" about this one.) Kestutis Smirnovas vs Hirotaka Yokoi, 11/10/01 Tadeushas Chilodinskis vs Vygandas Grazhys, 11/9/02 Takayuki Ohkouchi vs Mindaugas Smirnovas, 11/9/02 Rokas Stambrauskas vs Bitsadze Ameran, 11/9/02 Mindaugas Smirnovas vs Naoyuki Kotani, 4/5/03 Erikas Petraitis & Remijigus Morkevicius vs Takumi Yano & Masakazu Imanari, 4/5/03 (Wild match. Starts off incredible boring as one of the Japanese guys refuses to stay on his feet and just flops to the mat rather than fight. Late in the fight, that guy's partner throws a couple of heel strikes to his opponent's head. As he's not wearing gloves, punches to the head are illegal for him, but not heel strikes. His opponent's corner thinks he's throwing punches and yells at him. He demonstrates the strike, there's more yelling and finally he flips off the corner man. All hell then breaks loose as the corner guy runs into the ring, the other opponent runs in and takes a wild kick at someone and there's a near riot. Then, just as fast as it broke down, order is restored and the fight is finished, complete with handshakes all around. Weird. And yes, this is a legit-shoot tag match.) Fedor Emelianenko vs Egidijus Valavicius, 4/5/03 Petras Morkevicius vs Tomko Kanuka, 11/14/03 Valdas Pocevicius vs Mike Pyle, 11/14/03 Egidijus Valavicius vs Gela Getsadze, 11/14/03 Darius Skliaudys vs Takayuki Ohkouchi, 11/14/03 Petras Morkevicius vs Vladimir Yushko, 12/13/03 Remigijus Morkevicius vs Artemij Sitenkov, 4/4/04 Hideo Tokoro vs Erikas Petraitis, 4/4/04 Kestutij Smirnovas Grazvydas Smailys, 4/4/04 Irmantas Masiulevieius vs Andrzej Kulik, 5/18/04 (Awesome spinning backfist KO) Tadas Rinkevicius vs Andrej Putinkov, 5/18/04 Mindaugas Smirnovas vs Petras Morkevicius, 5/18/04