TAPE 101

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

UWFI "DOUBLE TAKADA" - 12/20/92 (Great tape! You get the '92 Jr League Finals, plus several other good or great matches. Definitely a good UWFI tape to have. And, oh yeah, you get two Takada matches, which is a nice little bonus. I've got a master convert so quality is PERFECT.)
Makoto Ohe & ??? Ohe vs ??? & ??? (Kickboxing - Yes, a tag-team kickboxing match. They run a points system and guys lose points for tagging out. One of the guys whose name I don't know is a total goofball, acting all weird in the ring, showboating, etc. Some legit hatred comes about when Ohe (not Makoto) knocks out the goofball after the ref starts to step in because the goof is on the ropes. The KO is allowed anyway, and the good SPITS on Ohe after the match and then he and his partner make a big show of shaking only Makoto Ohe's hand afterward.) Tom Burton vs Mark Silver (Not much of a match, as Silver appears to blow out his knee and legit can't continue.) YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA VS HIROMITSU KANEHARA ('92 Jr League Final - VICIOUS match! Takayama hits Kanehara in the jaw early in the match and the fight is on! Several vicious knees and kicks to the face and head throughout this match, plus some accidental elbows and everything else. Great match!) Yuko Miyato vs Bad News Allen Dan Severn vs Yoji Anjoh (When he's in with somebody that can carry him, like Anjoh, Dan Severn looks like a killer. Great stuff.) Presentation of the Jr League Cup Gary Albright vs Masahito Kakihara (Let's just say that Kakihara gets killed...) Nobuhiko Takada vs Dennis Koslowski Nobuhiko Takada vs Naoki Sano (Terrific match! This is real close to ****, I'll say it's about ***1/2)