TAPE 102

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1.9 hrs (DVD)

GREAT AMERICAN BASH '89 - 7/23/89 (Really good show from the heyday of the NWA. The title of this show is "Glory Days" - man, how appropriate that is. Several terrific matches on here, with the Funk/Flair match being great. This is the commercial tape version of the show. I've got a master convert, so quality is EX.)
2-ring battle royal (appears to be clipped) Dynamic Dudes vs Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey (JIP) Paul E. Dangerously vs Jim Cornette (Tuxedo match - clipped) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotundo (FANTASTIC All Japan-style tag team brawl that is killed by a stupid finish and by not going long enough. Had this run 20-25 minutes with a better finish, an easy **** match.) Sting vs Great Muta Ricky Steamboat vs Lex Luger (***1/2 - great stuff! Steamboat makes Luger look like a king here and Luger actually works, even if his selling is terrible.) Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Steve Williams vs Samoan Swat Team & Freebirds (War Games - there's just something wrong with the Road Warriors and Midnight Express on the same team...) RIC FLAIR VS TERRY FUNK (VERY slightly clipped; Great match! After the match, Funk and Great Muta attack Flair, Sting makes the save, setting up Halloween Havoc '89.)