TAPE 104

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

GREAT AMERICAN BASH '96 - 6/16/96 (Without a doubt, this is WCW's best PPV since Spring Stampede back in '94. A terrific show, with hard work throughout, several good to terrific matches, and no sign of Hulk Hogan anywhere. Is it any coincidence that the best PPV of the Hogan era doesn't have Hogan on it? Everything about this show is good - even the announcing of Dusty Rhodes & Tony Schiavone is good. Dusty isn't obnoxious like normal and gets off several very funny lines. He even manages to not mess up the Malenko/Misterio match. There's even an RSPW sign! This is the PPV version and includes the live Main Event that ran before the show. I've got a master convert so video is excellent.)
Jim Duggan vs Disco Inferno (from the Main Event) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Scott Norton & Ice Train Konnan vs EL Gato Dallas Page vs Marcus Bagwell DEAN MALENKO VS REY MISTERIO JR (Hopefully this match is indicator of what's to come when Rey joins WCW full-time. Mike Tenay does commentary and is absolutely super! ****1/2) John Tenta vs Bubba Rogers CHRIS BENOIT VS KEVIN SULLIVAN (Falls Count Anywhere - Terrific match that goes up into the men's room where Sullivan slams Benoit's head with a door - brutal. Funny moment as a woman appears in the bathroom and Dusty yells "There's a woman in the men's bathroom! Tony, there's a woman in the men's bathroom!" Without a doubt, Benoit is the best wrestler in the world.) Sting vs Lord Steven Regal Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs Steve McMichael & Kevin Greene (McMichael turns on Greene and joins the Four Horsemen) Interview w/Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (Nash jacknifes Eric Bischoff through a table) The Giant vs Lex Luger