TAPE 110

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

AKIRA MAEDA SUPER FIGHTER MEMORIAL (Good set covering Maeda's New Japan career. I've got a 1st gen convert, so quality is EX.)
Akira Maeda vs Paul Orndorff, 4/21/83 (Ugh - bad match with a bad finish) Akira Maeda vs Antonio Inoki, 5/27/83 Akira Maeda vs Riki Choshu, 8/11/83 Akira Maeda vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara, 2/5/86 Akira Maeda vs Tatsumi Fujinami, 6/12/86 (Wow, this isn't nearly as good as I remembered it. This is the "Double KO" match with Fujinami getting a legit concussion and juicing huge from an accidental kick by Maeda. Still, a good match - ***1/2) Akira Maeda vs Don Nakaya Neilsen, 10/9/86 (Wrestler vs Kickboxer - One of the best mixed matches of all-time. Each guy scores a number of solid shots in what looks certain to be a legit shoot. It doesn't hold up to the standards of today's Pride matches, but it's still good.) Akira Maeda & Osamu Kido vs Antonio Inoki & Yoshiaki Fujiwara, 12/10/86 (It is mind-blowing to me that you can have 3 terrific workers and Inoki - a decent worker - in the ring and still come up with this crap. Horrible match with an even worse finish.) AKIRA MAEDA & NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS KEIJI MUTOH & SHIRO KOSHINAKA, 3/26/87 (Terrific match! Maeda & Takada win IWGP tag titles) Akira Maeda & Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki & Yoshiaki Fujiwara, 5/25/87 (Maeda, his head still injured from an attack days earlier, juices big-time) Akira Maeda vs Super Strong Machine, 8/20/87 (***1/2 - this is the revenge match for the attack mentioned above; footage of the attack is shown and it appears Maeda hit a Muta-scale gusher.)