TAPE 129

Quality: EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 7/20/85 (More from the full 1985 season of Worldwide. Lots of good stuff here as the action really heats up now that the Great American Bash has passed.)
Jimmy Valiant vs Joel Deaton Baby Doll at Nelson Royal's Ranch Ric Flair vs Buddy Landel, 6/85 (Finish only - not sure of exact date - Landel KOs Flair with brass knux and pins him, appearing to win the NWA World title. The decision is reversed when DUSTY RHODES comes out and tells the ref what happened. Dusty then gets pounded.) Barbarian vs Denny Brown Rock & Roll Express vs George South & Gene Ligon Interview w/Manny Fernandez (Superstar Graham, Barbarian & Paul Jones all attack) Buddy Landel vs Mark Fleming Baby Doll at Nelson Royal's Ranch (Baby Doll shows she's a true Texas girl as she expertly rides off on Floyd the horse and disappears) Magnum TA vs Kendo Nagasaki (Nagasaki must be leaving as he gets squashed in 1 minute here) Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs American Starship Eagle (Dan Spivey) & Stony Burke
NWA WORLDWIDE - 7/27/85 (More of the same as above)
Magnum TA vs Ron Rossi (Magnum is "snapping" from all the pressure he's been under so he goes out and pounds Rossi, using Tully Blanchard's finisher to put him away. Then he drags Rossi out to the floor and hits the belly-to-belly suplex on him on the floor. They would later use this match as an example of how losing the US title had caused Magnum to snap - problem is, he was still the US champ here.) Rising Sun vs Denny Brown & Stony Burke Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard, 7/21/85 (Finish only - Tully wins US title; Baby Doll comes to ringside dressed as a security guard to give Tully a foreign object. He then KOs Magnum for the victory.) Buddy Landel vs Joel Deaton Ivan & Nikita Koloff attacking Ric Flair after match, Bash '85, 7/6/85 Midnight Express vs Dale Williams & Larry Clarke, WCW, 6/29/85 (WCW debut of the MX) Rock & Roll Express vs Mark Fleming & Lee Ramsey Tully Blanchard vs American Starship Eagle (Danny Spivey) Recap of Manny Fernandez being attacked, WWW, 7/20/85 Abdullah the Butcher vs Ron Bass (JJ Dillon & Buddy Landel runs in, Dusty makes the save) Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Sam Houston, Pat Tanaka & Stony Burke (the Rock & Roll Express run in and get decimated. So who runs in? Ric Flair, Magnum TA, and Dusty Rhodes. Yeah, you read that right. And yet somehow it all makes sense within the context of the storylines. Go figure.)