TAPE 131

Quality: Varies

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 2/2/85 (More from the complete season of the 1985 Worldwide. Nothing particularly great here but it's fun anyway. Quality on this episode is VG.)
Magnum TA & Ricky Steamboat vs Frank Lang & Joe Young (Wonder if Joe Young was mighty?) Don Kernodle & Keith Larsen vs Ben Alexander & Doug Vines (Ivan & Nikita Koloff run in to take back their USSR flag but Kernodle fights them both off for a REALLY long time all by himself) Superstar Graham vs Ron Rossi Manny Fernandez vs Joel Deaton Dick Slater vs The Inferno (Inferno is a bounty hunter for JJ Dillon but gets crushed so badly that Dillon walks out in the middle of the match) Interview w/Ric Flair (a clip is shown of Wahoo & Tully attacking Flair) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Lee Ramsey & Gene Ligon
NWA WORLDWIDE - 2/9/85 (More of the same as above; quality is VG/EX)
Steve Casey vs Golden Terror Dick Slater vs Ox Baker (Finish only - show during JJ Dillon interview) Dory Funk vs Brian Adidas Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard (Last few seconds; Dusty refuses to break his figure-four on Tully so Baby Doll attacks him, as she should!) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Ricky Steamboat & Don Kernodle (Flag vs Flag - SUPER-heated match! Khrusher Khruschev runs in after the match and steals back the US flag) Manny Fernandez vs Frank Lang (Listen for some seriously loud boos when Lang sells a move that completely missed)