TAPE 134

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 2.75 hrs (2 DVD)

HALLOWEEN HAVOC '90 - 10/27/90 (PPV Version; Good show - the Doom tag match is a keeper. Video is VG/EX)
Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton vs Midnight Express Terry Taylor vs Bill Irwin J.W. Storm vs Brad Armstrong Master Blasters vs Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong Chris & Mark Youngblood vs Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin Nasty Boys vs Rick & Scott Steiner Junkyard Dog vs Moondog Rex RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON VS DOOM Stan Hansen vs Lex Luger (Hansen wins US title) Sting vs Sid Vicious (Fake Sting Angle - I know, everybody hates this angle. NOT ME. I love it. I just wish they would have followed through and had Sid remain world champ.)