TAPE 144

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

PANCRASE "SURVIVAL FOUR" - 12/16/94 (Good tape covering the first and second rounds of the "King of Pancrase" tournament for '94. And yes, all the matches are complete, despite the short length of the tape. This is my first exposure to Pancrase and I like it. It's similar to UWFI in style, except the matches are - supposedly - all legit and there is no striking on the ground. I've got a master convert, so quality is perfect.)
Minoru Suzuki vs Matt Hume Thomas Puckett vs Jason Delucia Christopher Deweaver vs Manabu Yamada Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock Alex Cook vs Ken Shamrock Yusuke Fuke vs Maurice Smith Vernon White vs Leon Dijk Robert Bjornethun vs Masa Funaki Minoru Suzuki vs Jason Delucia MANABU YAMADA VS FRANK SHAMROCK (Terrific fight with a bunch of submission holds and near-holds. Good stuff!) Maurice Smith vs Ken Shamrock Masa Funaki vs Vernon White