TAPE 149

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 48 min (DVD)

MID-ATLANTIC TV - 11/21/81 (Finally! 24/7 is now showing complete Mid-Atlantic episodes on a regular basis. Awesome! 24/7 calls this 11/18/81 but that's a Wednesday, so I'm going with the Saturday after that - 11/21/81. Oddly, they've left in the local promos for this ep and the ones included are for a show on 2/7/82! I've got a DVD master so VQ is EX but is a tad rough on the local promos.)
Jay Youngblood vs Ricky Harris (You know Harris as Black Bart - the dadgum tough Texan who's announced here as being from Georgia, LOL.) Sgt. Slaughter challenging Wahoo McDaniel (Sarge is US champ and tired of being called a coward so he's got an open contract he challenges Wahoo with.) Sgt. Slaughter vs Ken Hall Promos for 2/7/82 house show (Mentioned only because they give away that the Cadillac that Sandy Scott talks about below was won by Jimmy Valiant) Sandy Scott announcing a Cadillac to draw in new talent (This is hilariously lame and awkward like much of the rest of this show. They announce that they're going to put up a Cadillac to try to bring new guys into the area but they don't have a plan as to HOW they'll put it up. Could be a battle royal, whatever. Just comes across real flat.) Tommy Rich vs ??? Angelo Mosca vs ???, WWF TV (Highlights shown while Roddy Piper, Sgt Slaughter, & Ole Anderson are being interviewed to try and scare them with Mosca's size, LOL.) Interview w/Jay Youngblood, Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts (WTF? Ricky & Jake together?!?) Jimmy Valiant vs Deke Rivers (Yep, Jimmy sucked in 1981, just like in 1985...) Clip of Roddy Piper attacking Ricky Steamboat Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts vs Super Destroyer & The Grappler (Ricky & Jake teaming? My head just exploded. Super Destroyer was also The Spoiler. Roddy Piper interferes for the DQ) Ricky Steamboat vs ??? (This is a continuation of the above clip where Piper attacked Steamboat; here we see that Ricky recovered from the attack and ends up winning)