TAPE 162

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 88 min (DVD)

UWF TV - 3/29/86 (A rarity here - the second-ever UWF-branded show. Not exactly the greatest show ever but still plenty good. VQ on this is VG/EX.)
Jim Ross & Bill Watts discussing Crockett Cup '86 Sheepherders vs Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP - the Sheepherders win the Mid-South Tag titles) Steve Williams vs Taras Bulba Buzz Sawyer vs Hacksaw Duggan, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP - Duggan wins North American title) Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner vs Ron Ellis & Perry Jackson Bill Watts Stripping Dick Slater of TV Title (Slater gave the title to Sawyer the previous week but is now claiming it's his since Buzz Sawyer lost the North American title on his behalf. Watts isn't letting that happen.) Blade Runners video Buzz Sawyer vs David Peterson (Sawyer defends his new TV title) Dick Slater asking Buzz Sawyer for the TV title back (Sawyer refuses) Blade Runners vs Sean O'Reilly & Ken Massey Kortsia Korchenko vs Tracey Smothers Sheepherders vs Steve Williams & Rick Gibson
UWF TV - 4/5/86 (Another rare, early episode of the UWF. Quality is EX on this one.)
Kortsia Korchenko vs Ricky Gibson Crockett Cup '86 Video Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel vs Brett Sawyer & Sean O'Reilly Hacksaw Duggan vs Rick Steiner (No match - Dick Slater comes in and challenges Duggan, so they brawl & then you get lots of run-ins) Jack Victory Introducing Lady Maxine (Max is a lady that's like 6 feet tall and weighs about about 110 lbs with a goofy mohawk. She was definitely different!) Sheepherders vs Fantastics (the Fantastics win the UWF tag title)