TAPE 170

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

IYH: BADD BLOOD - 10/5/97 (PPV Version; I've got a master convert so video is EX)
Half-hour free-for-all show (includes announcement of Brian Pillman's death) Road Warriors & Ken Shamrock vs D. Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa, & Rocky Maivia Mosaic & Tarantula vs Max Mini & Nova Godwinns vs Headbangers (Godwinns win WWF tag title) Introduction of St. Louis wrestling legends (classy - well-done!) Owen Hart vs Farouk (Hart wins I-C title tourney final) Los Boricuas vs Disciples of Apocalypse Bret Hart & Davey Boy Smith vs Vader & Patriot (Flag match) SHAWN MICHAELS VS UNDERTAKER (Hell in the Cell Cage Match - simply put, this is the best cage match of all-time! Michaels puts on an inredible performance, taking bump after bump after bump before getting in some shots of his own. Simply a must-see, must-have match! ****3/4!!)