TAPE 180

Quality: VG

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

MATCHES FROM 1984 (Video is VG; Tape also includes a bunch of interview, usually with Jimmy Hart, not listed here)
Midnight Express & Butch Reed painting Junkyard Dog, Mid-South KERRY VON ERICH VS TERRY GORDY, 5/7/84 (Rare NWA title defense for Von Erich) Super Destroyers, Missing Link, & Great Kabuki vs Freebirds & Killer Khan, WCCW, 5/11/84 Kerry Von Erich Video "Run for the Roses" and interview, WCCW, 5/84 Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair, WCCW, 5/11/84 (Von Erich is the NWA champ in this non-title rematch from Texas Stadium) Kevin Von Erich vs Michael Hayes, WCCW, 5/18/84 Fabulous Ones (Rich & Gilbert) vs PYT Express, Memphis (clipped) Fabulous Ones (Rich & Gilbert) vs PYT Express, Memphis (Falls Count Anywhere) Randy Savage vs Austin Idol, Memphis, 5/14/84 (Idol wins International title; ever seen Randy Savage cleanly submit? Watch this match!) Jerry Lawler vs King Kong Bundy (JIP) Randy Savage vs Scott Shannon Lord Humongous vs Jerry Lawler, Memphisa, 5/21/84 (Lawler wins Southern title) Crusher Blackwell & Ken Patera vs Rick Martel & Mad Dog Vachon, AWA (JIP) Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin, Georgia Tito Santana vs Bob Orton, WWF Jimmy Valiant video "Life's Been Good" Interview w/Ric Flair re: Von Erichs Terry Taylor vs Krusher Khruschev, Mid-South "Superdate w/Rock N Roll Express" Contest ad, Mid-South Mr. Wrestling III vs Magnum TA, Mid-South Mr. Wrestling II vs Magnum TA, Mid-South, 5/13/84 (clipped - TA wins North American title) Butch Reed & Buddy Landell tar & feather Junkyard Dog, Mid-South Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express, Mid-South, 5/23/84 (No DQ - Midnights win Mid-South tag title) SGT. SLAUGHTER VS IRON SHEIK, WWF, 6/16/84 (Boot Camp Match - voted DVDVR's #1 WWF match of the 1980s - I agree, it's fabulous and is my favorite match of all-time) Piper's Pit w/Lou Albano, WWF, 1984 (Cyndi Lauper challenges Albano)