TAPE 187

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

BETA SUPER MIX VOL 1 (This is an awesome collection of stuff compiled in 1984. This comp was originally put together in master quality on Beta, hence the name. Quality is EX. Awesome!)
Ted Dibiase vs Mr. R, Georgia, 2/18/84 (Mr. R is Brad Armstrong; this is the famous angle where Armstrong wrestles as Mr. R and wins the National title when Tommy Rich, who was the real Mr. R shows up at ringside. Great angle.) Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik, WWF, 2/84 (No match - Sheik attacks Slaughter before the bell then runs away when the Sarge recovers) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell vs Dino Bravo & Steve O, AWA, 2/84 (JIP - Bravo slams Blackwell; during the match, Jumbo Tsuruta is announced as the new AWA world champ) Jake Roberts vs Brett Sawyer, Georgia, 1984 (JIP - clip from the Omni; Sawyer takes a pounding, so Ole Anderson throws in the towel) Ric Flair vs Brad Armstrong, Georgia, 2/26/84 (clip from the Omni; nice long clip of Brad Armstrong's NWA World title show after winning the National title; no finish) Road Warriors vs Jay Youngblood & Pez Whatley, Georgia, 1984 (The very tail-end of the infamous "painting" angle with Youngblood; actual painting isn't show, just the aftermath portion.) Jerry Blackwell vs The Crusher, AWA (JIP - No DQ - Blackwells scores the upset) Interview w/Nick Bockwinkel, AWA, 2/22/84 (Pre-match interview from the night Nick would lose the AWA title where Bockwinkel complains about the match stipulations) Nick Bockwinkel vs Jumbo Tsuruta, AWA, 2/22/84 (JIP - Tsuruta wins AWA World title; though this is from AWA TV, they left in the original Japanese commentary. WTF?) Interview w/Heenan, Bockwinkel & Tsuruta, AWA, 2/84 Re: Tsuruta winning title Bob Backlund vs Iron Sheik, WWF, 12/26/83 (Iron Sheik wins WWF World title) Interview w/Iron Sheik & Freddie Blassie, WWF, 12/26/83 Re: winning the title Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff, WWF, 2/20/84 (Hogan's first MSG title defense and it's a good one. It's too bad this didn't turn into a series at MSG as Orndorff was really, really great in 1984.) Jake Roberts vs Brad Armstrong, Georgia, 1984 (#1 Challenge Tourney; Ric Flair does commentary for this World TV champ vs National champ match; Roberts does a clean job!) Mad Dog Vachon & The Crusher vs Nick Bockwinkel & Blackjack Mulligan, AWA, 1/84 (JIP - Blackjack Lanza comes out and convinces Mulligan to walk out on Bockwinkel, thus turning Mulligan face. Bockwinkel then takes a beating and jobs clean.) Fabulous Ones music video, Memphis, 1984 Road Warriors & Jake Roberts vs Ron Garvin, Tim Horner & King Kong Bundy, Georgia, 1984 (TV Time Runs Out) Tony Garea vs The Wolfman, WWF, 1970s (Antonino Rocca is the guest ref) Andre the Giant vs Masked Superstar, WWF, 2/20/84 (Finish not shown)