TAPE 188

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 47 min (DVD)

CWF - 4/28/82 (Another complete episode of CWF from the archives of 24/7. Classics stuff here with David Von Erich as a heel. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect.)
Butch Reed stripping Ric Flair (David and Kerry Von Erich come out and HELP Flair) Barry Windham vs Bob Russell (Windham's return from a serious car wreck; he's sporting black hair and a mustache) Chavo Guerrero vs Hiro Matsuda (JIP - Listen to Gordon Solie mangle Chavo's name in 100 different ways - horrible) Chavo Guerrero vs Kendo Nagasaki (Guerrero gets a karate chop to the throat and starts juicing from the mouth/throat; Mike Graham then runs in for a brawl) Mike Graham & B Brian Blair vs Hiro Matsuda & Super Destroyer (Solie laughably calls Blair & Graham "the greatest tag team to ever come out of Florida") Magnum TA & El Gran Apollo vs Dory Funk & Derek Draper David Von Erich vs Sweet Brown Sugar (last few seconds shown) Jim Crockett (president of the NWA) ordering Von Erich/Sugar rematch David Von Erich vs Butch Reed (TV time runs out)