TAPE 195

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

SLAMBOREE '97 - 5/18/97 (PPV Version; I've got a master convert so video is EX)
Half-hour countdown show Lord Steven Regal vs Ultimo Dragon (Regal wins WCW TV title; Quality on THIS MATCH ONLY is VG/EX) Luna Vachon vs Madusa Yuji Yasuroka vs Rey Misterio Jr Mortis vs Glacier Dean Malenko vs Jeff Jarrett Meng vs Chris Benoit (Texas Death Match) Konnan & Hugh Morrus vs Rick & Scott Steiner Steve McMichael vs Reggie White KEVIN NASH, SCOTT HALL, & SYXX VS RIC FLAIR, KEVIN GREENE & RODDY PIPER (This match gets **** for the atmosphere than the match itself - the crowd heat is simply amazing for the Flair team. The match takes place in Charlotte, NC - Flair's adopted hometown - and all three guys have *STRONG* ties to the Carolinas region. Plus, this is Flair's first match back after a 7-8 month layoff with an injury. The crowd pops BIG-TIME for everything they do and, for once, intelligent booking prevails in WCW as the three faces all get to take part in winning the match. Sure beats yet another stupid NOW run-in for a finish!)