TAPE 197

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

SOULED OUT '97 - 1/25/97 (PPV Version; Thank God the NWO doesn't really rule wrestling or we'd be forced to put up with more horrible PPVs like this one. Bad match-ups, a dead crowd, low workrate, you name it. Probably the worst PPV I've ever seen, but then I haven't seen Uncensored '95 yet. I've got a master convert so video is EX)
Half-hour countdown show Chris Jericho vs Masa Chono The "Miss NWO" contest (this is actually spread out throughout the show and is one of the worst skits I've ever seen. Completely unrehearsed and full of clueless women, most of whom are pretty darn unattractive. What a horrible idea this was.) Hugh Morrus vs Big Bubba (Death Match) Jeff Jarrett vs Mike Rotundo Scotty Riggs vs Buff Bagwell Dallas Page vs Scott Norton Rick & Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Steiners win WCW tag title but, if I'm not mistaken, they had to give them back the next night on Nitro) Eddy Guerrero vs Syxx (Ladder Match - Guerrero wins US title) Hulk Hogan vs The Giant