TAPE 204

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

SLAMBOREE '98 - 5/17/98 (PPV Version; I've got a master convert so video is EX)
Chris Benoit vs Fit Finley Lex Luger vs Brian Adams Cruiserweight Battle Royal (The great thing here is that Chris Jericho - who I think is a great talent on the mic - does the introductions and they are hilarious! My personal favorite: "And here is Silver King. If he wins 12 more matches, he'll be upgraded to Gold King!" ROTFL!) Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko (Malenko wins WCW Cruiserweight title; I'm not sure, but I think Jericho was given the title back at a later date) Dallas Page vs Raven (Weapons Cage Death Match - After the match, Mortis comes out, unmasks himself and handcuffs Raven to the cage. He then CRUSHES Raven with an AMAZING chairshot) Ultimo Dragon vs Eddy Guerrero Saturn vs Goldberg Bret Hart vs Randy Savage (Roddy Piper is guest ref) Sting & Giant vs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Sting & Giant win WCW tag title; Hall turns on Nash)