TAPE 213

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 20 "ARMED AND READY" - 4/28/02 (An excellent show from Pride, despite a number of their top stars being absent - Vovchanchyn, Coleman, Kerr, Noguiera, Yvel, Sakuraba, and Herring are all not on the card. There are several really good fights. This is the US version, so all commentary is in English. I've got a DVD master.)
Bob Sapp vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto Quinton Jackson vs Masaaki Satake (Jackson is just a total killer here - he destroys Satake with a full-fledged POWERSLAM and also hits a nice German suplex) Antonio Rogerio Noguiera vs Yusuke Imamura (Noguiera is the twin brother of Pride's heavyweight champ, also named Antonio Noguiera. Confusing, ain't it?) Dan Henderson vs Ricardo Arona (Terrific fight! ***1/2) MURILO NINJA VS MARIO SPERRY (GREAT fight! These guys just wail on each other and also manage to throw in some terrific groundwork. Awesome!) Alexander Otsuka vs Sanae Kikuta (3rd round only - why they felt the need to clip this match when they had 15 minutes of PPV time left and tons of filler in the show, I have no idea. Anyway, there's some bad blood here and Otsuka offers Kikuta a handshake after the fight before turning the extended hand into a middle-finger salute!) Vanderlei Silva vs Mirko Crocop Filipovic (Good fight that Vanderlei controls, even in stand-up versus the K-1 star)