TAPE 215

Quality: EX

Length: 10 hours (5 DVD)

TABE'S BEST OF KIYOSHI TAMURA VOLUME 1 (Called by some the greatest shoot-style wrestler of all-time, Tamura is one of the few to successfully transition into legit MMA contests. Unlike Sakuraba, however, Tamura would continue to do worked matches even in the middle of his MMA career. See the beginnings of this superstar here - trace his start in UWF, through a horrible injury, to stardom in UWFI and a controversial shoot! Quality is EX throughout.)
Kiyoshi Tamura vs Minoru Suzuki, UWF, 5/21/89 (Tamura's pro debut) Akira Maeda vs Kiyoshi Tamura, UWF, 10/25/89 (Tamura comes out like a house afire and nails Maeda with a strike he apparently doesn't like. Maeda retaliates with vicious knees, shattering bones in Tamura's face. Tamura would be out of action for over a year.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Masahito Kakihara, UWF, 12/1/90 (Tamura returns to action on the final UWF show ever) KIYOSHI TAMURA VS MASAHITO KAKIHARA, UWFI, 5/10/91 (The very first UWFI match ever sets the stage for what would become a wildly entertaining promotion. Great action from two young superstars on the rise.) Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss, UWFI, 7/30/91 (Tamura's first main event - a fantastic tag match that goes over 30 minutes, the longest match in the history of UWFI) Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Thomas Burton, UWFI, 10/6/91 (Tamura's forte early in his UWFI run was tag matches; here we have yet another excellent one) Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss, UWFI, 11/7/91 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yuko Miyato, UWFI, 1/9/92 Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Mark Silver, UWFI, 2/15/92 Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Yoji Anjoh & Mark Fleming, UWFI, 3/17/92 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Matthew Saad Muhammed, UWFI, 5/8/92 (Matthew Saad Muhammed is a former World light heavyweight boxing champion; this match is a legit shoot, one of a handful of "mixed" matches that UWFI would run. Muhammed is completely out of his element and gets choked out in about 40 seconds.) Kiyoshi Tamura & Kazuo Yamazaki vs Gary Albright & Mark Silver, UWFI, 7/12/92 (Great finish to this one) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Ray Lloyd, UWFI, 8/14/92 (Tamura puts the freeze on Glacier here) KIYOSHI TAMURA VS YOJI ANJOH, UWFI, 8/28/92 (30-min draw - great match; Anjoh is one of the less-appreciated excellent workers of the last 20 years) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Steve Cox, UWFI, 9/21/92 KIYOSHI TAMURA VS KAZUO YAMAZAKI, UWFI, 10/23/92 (two shoot-style superstars showing us all how it's supposed to be done) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Nobuhiko Takada, UWFI, 2/14/93 (Tamura gets his first singles main event with a shot at Takada. Not the all-time classic you'd hope for, but really good anyway) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Dan Severn, UWFI, 4/10/93 (Good 20-minute match) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Naoki Sano, UWFI, 5/6/93 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tatsuo Nakano, UWFI, 7/18/93 Kiyoshi Tamura & Nobuhiko Takada vs Gary Albright & Dan Severn, UWFI, 8/13/93 (Fantastic match from possibly the best UWFI show ever. Even with the fans laughing at Severn's weak strikes, this one is excellent. Tamura really shone in these tag matches.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Masahito Kakihara, UWFI, 2/25/94 (the much-hyped rematch of their 5/10/91 showcase; this one isn't on that level, but it's still good) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Bad News Allen, UWFI, 4/3/94 (First found of UWFI's huge 1994 tourney) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Naoki Sano, UWFI, 5/6/94 (Another excellent match from a pair of shoot-style masters; this one might be ****) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Vader, UWFI, 6/10/94 (Brutal match that sees both guys just blasting the crap out of each other. Great stuff.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gary Albright, UWFI, 8/18/94 (Third place match in UWFI's tourney. More good stuff from Tamura.) Kiyoshi Tamura & Dan Severn vs Yoji Anjoh & Steve Nelson, UWFI, 10/8/94 (And it's back to the undercard for Tamura with another excellent tag match) Kiyoshi Tamura & Gene Lydick vs Masahito Kakihara & Steve Nelson, UWFI, 10/14/94 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Dan Severn, UWFI, 11/30/94 (Severn is possibly injured coming into this one and Tamura squashes him. Somewhere along the line, Tamura developed an attitude of being a dickhead to people in the ring that he felt didn't belong in there with him. That manifests itself here as he seems irritated to even be in the ring with Dan.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gene Lydick, UWFI, 1/16/95 Kiyoshi Tamura & Kazushi Sakuraba vs Yoshihiro Takayama & Kazuo Yamazaki, UWFI, 4/20/95 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazuo Yamazaki, UWFI, 5/17/95 (Excellent match that showed UWFI had no idea what to do with either of these guys. UWFI wanted to move Tamura up the card, yet they job him out...) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gary Albright, UWFI, 6/18/95 (Infamous match that turns into a semi-shoot; Albright is upset at his diminished role in UWFI, his payoffs, and being asked to job for the second straight month to a guy much smaller than he, having jobbed to Kakihara on 5/17/95. So he comes in intent on proving that Tamura might win but that he - Albright - is the better legit wrestler. It works. He repeatedly refuses to cooperate and refuses to break holds, resulting in the ref famously yelling "Break! Gary, break!" at him. Albright would be fired as a result of this. Tamura, seeing his biggest win destroyed, sobs afterward.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Joe Malenko, UWFI, 7/13/95 (Somewhat of a disappointment, though definitely Joe's best singles match in UWFI) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gary Albright, UWFI, 8/18/95 (they bring Albright back for a one-off rematch and it goes off without a hitch.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazushi Sakuraba, UWFI, 3/1/96 (Tamura smartly recognized that the New Japan feud was going to do nothing good for UWFI and he refused to work against NJ foes. While this kept him off of the huge Tokyo Dome shows and seriously limited his future with UWFI, it also preserved his "shooter" credibility unlike the rest of his UWFI compatriots. Here he faces future-superstar Sakuraba - and the result is short and frustrating.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazushi Sakuraba, UWFI, 3/23/96 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Billy Scott, UWFI, 4/19/96 (Tamura's last excellent match for UWFI) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazushi Sakuraba, 5/27/96 (Another short and frustrating match; this is Tamura's final match with UWFI. He won join RINGS and debut for them just weeks later)