TAPE 217

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN NIPPON TV CLASSICS #1 (First in a series of Classics shows run on NTV in Japan. These are NOT the same as the normal "All Japan Classics", which ran on Samurai TV. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Abdullah the Butcher vs Tiger Jeet Singh, 6/8/90 (WTF? No blood!) Stan Hansen vs Toshiaki Kawada, 6/1/90 Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Davey Boy Smith & Bam Bam Bigelow, 6/1/90 Stan Hansen vs Steve Williams, 6/5/90 (Hansen hits a HUGE lariat here)
ALL JAPAN NIPPON TV CLASSICS #2 (More of the same as above. I've got a master convert, VQ is EX.)
Ric Flair vs Harley Race, 5/22/84 (Famous match that sees Flair laying down for a clean pin just 2 days before regaining the NWA title. This would later get used on Georgia TV to much hilarity as they called Flair the NWA champ and then couldn't explain how he'd lost cleanly in a title defense without losing the title.) Jumbo Tsuruta vs Nick Bockwinkel, 2/23/84 (AWA vs NWA Int'l title with Terry Funk as guest ref; Tsuruta wins AWA World title)