TAPE 221

Quality: Varies

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

JAPAN RARITIES (INCREDIBLE find! Super, super rare handhelds and pro shot matches here. This is an absolute MUST-have! Quality varies, and is listed for each match. Everything is watchable.)
Stan Hansen vs Hulk Hogan, New Japan, 1980/1 (Handheld - GD/VG) Hiro Hase vs Masa Funaki (I think), New Japan, 1987(?) (handheld - FR) Yoji Anjoh vs Masa Funaki, New Japan, 1986/87 (handheld - PR/FR) Toshiaki Kawada vs Yosihiro Takayama, UWFI, 9/11/96 (Handheld of the big screen at the stadium. There's a green tint to the picture, but quality is EX. Historic match that was never released on video or shown on TV.) John Tenta vs Koji Kitao, WWF/SWS, 1990/91 (Pro shot, EX quality. This is the famous match that turns into a shoot when Kitao decides not to cooperate. At one point, Kitao tries to poke Tenta in the eyes legit and Tenta gets PISSED. Fun stuff.) John Tenta vs Koji Kitao, WWF/SWS, 1990/91 (Same match, only handheld, VG/EX quality. The handheld includes more footage than the pro stuff, including Kitao's shoot comments on the mic after the match.) Andre the Giant vs Akira Maeda, 1986/87 (This is the PRO SHOT version of this infamous shoot! Incredible! Better yet, the quality is EX! Unbelievable find! They spend the first 15 minutes or so actually - well, sort of - wrestling, but Andre grows tired of Maeda taking him down, so he just plants himself in the middle of the ring and refuses to cooperate. Andre ends up laying down, asking Maeda to pin him! Again, this is PRO SHOT and EX vq!) Mitsuharu Misawa vs Shiro Koshinaka, All Japan, 1984/85(?) (Handheld, GD/VG quality. Rare match that shows Misawa as himself either before or during the Tiger Mask gimmick. Weird to see him wearing short trunks and no kneepads.) Toshiaki Kawada vs Genichiro Tenryu, All Japan, 10/8/89 (Handheld - only 2 min shown. Too bad, it's VG/EX quality)