TAPE 227

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2.4 hrs (DVD)

UWF VIDEO BOUT VOL 6 (More of the fairly rare tapes from the first version of the UWF. Lots of good action to be found here. I've got a 1st gen convert so VQ is EX)
Nobuhiko Takada vs Akira Maeda, 8/29/85 (clipped) Satoru Sayama vs Osamu Kido, 8/29/85 (clipped) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Kazuo Yamazaki, 8/29/85 UWF VIDEO BOUT VOL 7 (More of the same as above; 1st gen convert, EX vq) Kazuo Yamazaki vs Osamu Kido, 9/2/85 (clipped) Akira Maeda vs Satoru Sayama, 9/2/85 (clipped - This is the infamous "shoot" match where Sayama fakes a groin shot to get the match stopped. They start out throwing bombs at each other, but before the faked groin shot, there's not really anything out of place to explain why Sayama would want the match stopped. Makes no sense. From watching Sayama's work, it's easy to see why somebody would WANT to shoot on him - he's sloppy as hell, at times dangerous - but nothing in this match specifically.) Nobuhiko Takada vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara, 9/2/85 (clipped - Takada lays a beating on Fujiwara, relentlessly pounding on his legs. Terrific match.)
UWF VIDEO BOUT VOL 8 (More of the same; 1st gen convert, EX VQ)
Nobuhiko Takada vs Satoru Sayama, 9/6/85 (clipped - good match, ***1/2) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Osamu Kido, 9/6/85 (clipped)
UWF VIDEO BOUT VOL 9 (Similar to the above tapes, except now we get matches from a mixture of dates, from the undercards of shows previously released. Fun stuff. 1st gen convert, EX vq)
Yoji Anjoh vs Tatsuo Nakano, 7/13/85 (clipped) Yoji Anjoh vs Satoru Hiromatsu, 7/25/85 (clipped) Yuko Miyato vs Osamu Hoshina, 9/6/85 (clipped) Yoji Anjoh vs Osamu Hoshina, 9/11/85 (clipped)
UWF VIDEO BOUT VOL 10 (And here we've got a selection of matches that show the UWF wasn't strictly a shoot-style group :) Some "interesting" match-ups here. 1st gen convert, EX vq)
Kazuo Yamazaki vs Jack Snuka, 9/11/84 (Snuka is a Jimmy Snuka lookalike/clone who could very well be a relation of Jimmy's for all I know.) Nobuhiko Takada vs Mark Lewin, 9/11/84 (There's just something hilarious about "The Purple Haze" working a shoot-style group...) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs The UFO, 9/11/84 (clipped)