TAPE 234

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 17 "CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS" - 11/3/01 (This is the US version of the show, complete with English commentary. Really, really good show but some of the decisions they make regarding the production leave me baffled. They completely cut out Nobuhiko Takada's fight, which is a huge disappointment to a Takada mark like me and they join Renzo Gracie's fight in progress. It's not like time was a limitation - they kill all kinds of time throughout the show that could have been used to show the missing footage. I've got a master, so quality is EX.)
Quinton Jackson vs Yuki Ishikawa (Jackson dominates and even tries a piledriver!) Dan Henderson vs Murilo Ninja Semmy Schilt vs Masaaki Satake Renzo Gracie vs Michiyoshi Ohara (1st rd not shown - probably because nothing happened. Ohara does - literally - nothing during the fight until he gets a yellow card for not fighting.) Igor Vovchanchyn vs Mario Sperry (Igor taps! Igor taps!) Tom Erikson vs Matt Skelton HEATH HERRING VS ANTONIO NOGUEIRA (FANTASTIC fight that sees Nogueira pretty much dominate, but Herring holds and valiantly fights back. Nogueira wins the Pride Heavyweight title, becoming the first Pride champion.) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Vanderlei Silva (Highly anticipated rematch that is much better than their first fight. Sakuraba holds his own, possibly even winning the fight until Silva slams him, injuring Sakuraba's shoulder and forcing a stoppage after the first round. Silva wins the Pride Middleweight title)