TAPE 252

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

UWFI - 11/23/96 (Good tape from the last days of UWFI, the matches here are hurt by a completely DEAD crowd. They basically make no sounds whatsoever. Unfortunately, that was the norm for the UWFI by this point. I've got a master convert so quality is EX.)
Billy Scott vs Tiger Maduro Tiger Mask Sayama vs Shoichi Funaki Masahito Kakihara vs James Stone Kazushi Sakuraba vs Kenichi Yamamoto Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Yoshihiro Takayama (Kanehara wins with the Crippler Crossface!) Nobuhiko Takada & Naoki Sano vs Yoji Anjoh & Gerard Gourdeau (***1/2 - excellent match with a weird moment: Takada tags in, and double-teams Anjoh by kicking him in the back, totally out of whack with UWFI rules. So Gourdeau runs in and jumps on Takada's back and chokes him! I don't think that was scripted...)