TAPE 259

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE GRAND PRIX OPENING ROUND - 1/30/00 (The less-famous half of Pride's big Grand Prix tourney, the Opening Rd is a solid show, but not as great as one would hope. I've got a DVD master, so quality is perfect.)
Vanderlei Silva vs Bob Schreiber Tachihikari vs Gary Goodridge (Later in the show, Gary comes out and does a GREAT job on color commentary) Ebenezer Braga vs Akira Shoji Hanse Nyman vs Kazayuki Fujita Guy Mezger vs Kazushi Sakuraba (In a result predicted by the announcers, Sakuraba is handed a gift draw after the first round of this match, forcing an overtime. Ken Shamrock - Mezger's trainer - is incensed and orders Mezger to leave the ring, thus forfeiting the match. Boo!) Masaaki Satake vs Mark Coleman Alexander Otsuka vs Igor Vovchanchyn (Otsuka WRESTLED earlier in the day too!) Enson Inoue vs Mark Kerr Nobuhiko Takada vs Royce Gracie (Takada takes a lot of flak for this match - and rightfully so - for having no offense, throwing one punch the whole match. But it's not like Gracie did anything either, he basically just laid there. Terrible match.)